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Crash Course in University Writing

The course consists of three modules plus one session of individual tutoring. The aim of the course is to establish the essentials you need for effective writing in your own discipline. The interactive 3-hour modules focus on text and paragraph structure, language and accuracy, and clarity and conciseness. You will work with texts from a range of disciplines to identify and correct structure, language and clarity issues. In each module, the instructor will help you work on these issues in your own writing and answer any questions you might have.

Module 1: Text and paragraph structure

Ensuring your text is clear, readable and concise depends in large part on how you structure it. In this module we will discuss how to effectively structure your paper as a whole, how to build up a paragraph, and how to structure your sentences in order to control the flow of information.

Module 2: Language and accuracy

This module covers the essentials of grammar, vocabulary and punctuation for university writing, such as verb tense, subject-verb agreement, passive constructions, comma use and formal language. Using real examples, we will discuss how best to identify and correct errors in your own writing in order to make it as precise and accurate as possible.

Module 3: Clarity and conciseness

In this module, we cover techniques for ensuring clarity, readability and conciseness in academic writing. Using examples from student writing, we will discuss how to avoid confusing or wordy language and unnecessary repetition in order to convey information as clearly as possible.


This course is meant for students who failed the Academic Literacy Test, but it is also open for any other students who want brush up their university writing skills.

*There is a separate course for Humanities students who failed the ALT.


This course will run in blocks 2 and 4. Exact dates will be added soon.