Tailor-made courses designed and conducted by the INTT

The INTT organises tailor-made courses and advises faculties and institutes of the University of Amsterdam. The INTT also provides in-company trainings and private lessons.

A selection of tailor-made programmes by INTT

The INTT advises teachers and students at the Faculty of Science on Academic Writing skills.


‘Ik vind het, als coördinator van het tutoraat, prettig werken met het INTT. Offertes zijn helder en gedetailleerd uitgewerkt zodat beide partijen weten waar ze op kunnen rekenen. En het INTT levert wat ze beloven’.

International staff members of Amsterdam’s Academic Medical Centre (AMC) study communicative and medical Dutch during an in-company training given by INTT teachers.

To interest exchange students in Dutch Language and Culture, the INTT gives crash courses several times a year at the Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education (NUFFIC).


Published by  INTT

4 November 2013