Dutch for students European Studies

Language Proficiency Dutch 1a (semester 2, block 1, 6EC) and 1b (semester 2, block 2, 6EC)

In this course you acquaint yourself with Dutch language and culture. The course is aimed at reaching an independent level of all four language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. After completing this course, students are able to understand and express themselves in simple and everyday spoken and written Dutch.

The class activities are founded upon various tasks. These tasks are functional, and are directly linked to a concrete situation, such as ‘having conversations with people at the university’ or ‘writing a job application’. By using multi-media, the teacher provides learners with opportunities to develop all four language skills. One is also expected to independently improve one’s vocabulary, to take part in listening comprehension exercises, and to exercise grammar.

The course is taught at six different levels, from absolute beginners to advanced.  Prior to the course there will be a meeting to assess the level of your proficiency in Dutch, in order to place you at the right level.

Language proficiency classes are relatively intensive and require considerable preparation time and independent study.





1a: Absolute beginners, Beginners, Pre-intermediate

1b: Beginners, Pre-intermediate or Intermediate


Mandatory introduction meeting on 25 January 2016

1a: 8 February -  18 March 2016

1b: 7 April - 23 May 2016


Twice a week three hours of lessons.

You can choose between a day or an evening group:

Day classes: Tuesday and Friday 15:00-18:00

Evening classes: Monday and Thursday 18:30-21:30

  Target group  First year students European Studies (English programme)
  Class size Approx. 16-20 participants

Published by  INTT

23 November 2015